Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series starts tonight!

For Phillies fans, the World Series of a lifetime starts tonight. Win or lose, the experience of seeing the Phillies play the Yankees in the Fall Classic will be with us forever. I agree with Buster Olney of ESPN, who says that the Series will be decided by the pitching of A. J. Burnett and Cole Hamels. Whichever team gets more production out of those two pitchers will win the Series.

The Phillies have never played in a Game 7. I think that will change this year. My prediction: Phillies win Game 7, 5-4, on a late sacrifice fly.

A deciding game
Lee versus Sabathia
Phils will win it late
Before we move on to the World Series, one last look back at J-Roll's big hit to end Game 4 of the NLCS -- enjoy this fun video send-up of a famous scene from Goodfellas.