Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back for more in '09

After eleven months of stagnation, the haikus are flowing again, and the Phillies are back in the playoffs. That was a classy move by Uncle Charlie last night, bringing Brad Lidge into the game to get the final out. This even though Lidge couldn't get my eight-year-old out for most of the season.

Charlie was a mensch
He asked Eyre to get two outs
And then brought in Lidge


Right Said Red said...

Go Phils!

Since you need to be relaxed to go into labor, I have until next week to have this baby...after that, Brad Lidge and the Phillies shaky bullpen will keep this kid cooking until November.

JesusThroughMary said...

Brad Lidge will not give up a run in the playoffs. You heard it here first.

Right Said Red said...

Well, the baby arrived before the playoffs. Now I'm ready. Play Ball!

Right Said Red said...

Slacker. Where is today's Haiku?