Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phils win Game 4, 5-4

Today is a happy day in Philadelphia. One out from defeat and a tie series, Jimmy Rollins split the gap in right-center field, and Bruntlett and Senor Octubre motored around to score.

A couple of notes. First, the Phillies bullpen (the second-best bullpen in this series -- second to the Dodgers' invincible (or is it invisible?) bullpen) pitched three scoreless innings, including two key strikeouts by Brad Lidge in the ninth. Second, Jonathon Broxton is scared of Matt Stairs even though Broxton is better and Stairs is worse than last year, when Stairs won another dramatic Game 4 for the Phillies. (You can relive this site's first haiku, celebrating Stairs's HR, here.) Third, Cole Hamels better come to play tomorrow.

Two on and two out,
One-one count on J-Roll. Swing...

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JesusThroughMary said...

Call me Gwen Stefani, because I had no doubt.

Jayson Stark reported that J-Roll is 8 for 37 in this postseason: 4 for 31 in innings 1-8, and 4 for 6 in the 9th.