Friday, October 30, 2009

Phils lose Game 2, Series tied 1-1

Game 2 wasn't exactly what I would call a "winnable" game for the Phils (they never had a comfortable lead), but they certainly had a chance to make it winnable. The 8th inning rally against Mariano Rivera fizzled as quickly as it began. Today, I present a set of haikus about Game 2 and the rest of the World Series.

Have to tip the cap
To A.J. Burnett, who dealt
Nastiness and filth.

Why did Pedro pitch
So long? Didn't Charlie
Learn from Grady Little?

Is it me or does
Rivera look hittable?
Five game series now.

As we thought [slash] feared
It all depends on Hamels.
Pitch like Cliff Lee, Cole!

I predict the Phils
Take two in Philly and win
Game Seven with Lee.

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