Monday, October 19, 2009

Phils win Game 3, 11-0

After all of the cardiovascular trauma of the last two weeks, it was nice to watch a laugher. Howard and Werth got things going in the first, Lee pitched one of the best postseason games ever and Ruiz (whom some are now calling "Senor Octubre") came through with some more magic. The big win inspired extra haikus today!

Sara Lee or Cliff --
Both can line up the bagels
We are halfway there.

He has two first names
He has driven in twelve men
He's Ryan Howard

I was hit today
By a baseball. It was from
Jayson Werth's home run.

Speeding down the track
Ruiz -- the Dodger killer
Chug Chugga CHOOCH choo!

The best part about
An eleven-zip blow out?
The game was Lidge-proofed.

Do you think Bowa
Has been sort of rooting for
The Phillies deep down?


Right Said Red said...

I actually didn't feel like laughing until Victorino hit that 3 run homer in the 8th. Seriously, I did not feel comfortable with an 8-0 lead, but something about 11-0 made me feel pretty good.

Our bullpen is a heart attack waiting to happen.

JesusThroughMary said...

You have no faith. How many times do you have to watch this team win before you will believe?

I was comfortable down 4-3 in the ninth last night.

JesusThroughMary said...

Point of order:

"Actually" has four syllables.

DosPax said...

Fair point on "actually". I'll revise.