Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phils win Game 5, 10-4, advance to World Series

Another laugher, although I have to say I would have puked if Jim Thome came to bat in the eighth inning as the tying run. Here are the haikus for this triumphant morning. I encourage all guests to post a haiku of their own in the comments!

Hamels's pitching stunk
But the Phillies won because
Padilla's was worse

They call him "J-Dubs"
He hit two home runs last night
He is Jayson Werth

Last week on this blog
I predicted Phils in five
Was I right or what?

You have to admit:
The Dodgers 'pen was awesome --
For the Phils' hitters.

Have you noticed that
Brad Lidge's slider is back
And the hitters flailed?

Phillies did their part.
World Series for the ages?
Bring on the Yankees!

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