Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phils win Game 2, 6-1, series tied 1-1

Good night for the Phillies. They got a big hit from Rollins, and Oswalt shut down the Giants' bats, except for Cody Ross's. Speaking of Ross: I don't really like the cut of his jib. Very cocky for a dude who, according to the newspapers, grew up wanting to be a rodeo clown. Read that last sentence again. A rodeo clown.

Oswalt pitched a gem
Rollins took off the collar
And the ballpark rocked.

Cody Ross hit it
And then did this cocky hop
And now I hate him.

The next time that Ross
Does his cocky hop, the Phils
Should throw at his ear.


JesusThroughMary said...

Joe Buck made some stupid comment about how that hope is "becoming his signature step" or something like that. Shut up, Joe.

Also, how 'bout Mitchie Poo with some national face time?

DosPax said...

It really was a smug little hop. I also hate the way he drops the bat after he walks. Very smug. "I can't stand to hold this bat any longer if you're not going to throw strikes to me. Batboy -- come pick up this bat."

Right Said Red said...

Love Mitch.

If they throw another "middle in" pitch to Cody Ross I'm going to scream. Try pitching the guy outside.

Tony said...

According to the intrepid researchers at, J-Roll became the 12th player in baseball history to record 4 RBI in a postseason game without scoring a run, and the first since Shane Victorino in Game 2 of the 2008 NLCS.

Gianine & Tim said...

Tim McCarver also said that "there's nothing a batter likes more than to go deep on a pitcher who tried to hit him earlier in the game" referencing that Oswalt aimed a ball at his ear in his first at-bat. SHUT UP Tim McCarver!!!!