Monday, October 11, 2010

Phils sweep Reds, earn extra haikus

The Reds just ran into a buzzsaw, the the Phillies are moving on. I have no doubt that the Phils are going to sweep through the rest of the NL playoffs. Today, I present a series of haikus, in honor of the Phils' latest series triumph.

Promises to keep,
Miles to go before they sleep,
Phils start with a sweep.

Do you think Dusty
Baker wishes that he left
Cabrera on bench?

Cole Hamels has found
His mojo again. Last year
Is long time ago.

Scott Rolen will change
His middle initial to
Either "K" or "E".

Thanks for playing, Reds.
You helped keep us in shape for


Right Said Red said...

Bring on the NLCS. I can't believe we have to wait almost a week for it to start.

Gianine & Tim said...

Oct 16th can't come fast enough... do we have to wait that long for more haikus too?