Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Us Was Robbed" -- An Ode to Bud Selig

All was well in Phillies land. Hamels had been given a lead, the Rays were swinging at pitches early in the count and the outs were flying by. Then, Jimmy Rollins dropped a wind-blown popup. Then the infield fly rule wasn't called. Then Upton basically decided to stop standing in the batter's box and ran around all the bases like no one else was around -- and the game was tied, 2-2. Now, with the opportunity to save face, Bud Selig pounced. We will play again at Thanksgiving if we have to, he said. He is a jerk. A series of haikus to the jerk follows.

The rain in Philly
Falls mainly on the ballpark
I hate Bud Selig

Bud brought to his stage
Two umpires and both GMs
To deflect the blame

Baseball's rulebook means
Nothing to Bud Selig, who
Flaunts it openly.

Thanksgiving turkey
At the ballpark? So says Bud.
Thank you, God, for Bud.

Bud Selig is mad
Because we beat the Brewers
He should be ashamed

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Mary Alice said...

My OB admits that he stayed up until 2 am on Saturday, making me hope that the series ends before he has to treat me! It is one thing for patent lawyers and programme managers to be exhausted at work, but something else entirely for doctors.