Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prelude to Game 5 -- Part II

I'm tantalized by the fact that today is Cole Hamels's "throw day" and that he is leading off the bottom of the 6th inning. Can you imagine the roar of the crowd if Charlie Manuel sent Cole Hamels up to bat, signaling that he was going to pitch the 7th inning? Still, I think a pinch hitter is required, and I think if he wants a righty it will be Chris Coste. If he wants a lefty, it will be Dobbs, then a LHP will enter the game, and then Dobbs will stay in and hit. I think he will pick Dobbs, then Jimmy Rollins has to bat right-handed, and then Jason Werth hits against the lefty (assuming no pitching change, which would waste a lefty), which is great for the Phils because Werth led the majors in HRs against lefties this year, I think. If either the PH or Rollins is on base, though, I think we'd see a righty to try to get Werth out, and then a lefty for Utley and Howard.

I'm a nervous wreck
Phils need one run and nine outs
Is tonight the night?

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