Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Phils win Game 5, 8-6, trail series 3-2

The last two innings of Game 5 were downright unwatchable. I think Yanks have an edge in Game 6, but the bats seem to be breaking out in time to catch Pettitte on a bad night with only three days' rest. The team won't die until they're dead, as you can imagine Yogi Manuel saying. Today, a haiku from yours truly, and then some guest haikus.

Lee pitched well enough.
Chase Utley is a monster.
Can Phils win two more?

Guest haikus

Chase homers again.
The bullpen almost blows it.
What a nail-biter.

Shane lost a finger.
Damon is our nemesis.
Howard’s bat’s asleep.

Phils down but not out
Now that three two is the count.
It's back to the Bronx.

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Right Said Red said...

May I ask who the guests are?